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Welcome to our "one-sheet". That's the one piece of industry parlance we know.

If you've found yourself here, it's likely because we've emailed you asking to perform at a venue or festival. If we haven't, and you're here anyway, then for God's sake, log off – you're in the bad part of the Internet.

Either way, now that you are here, here's our elevator pitch. You're trapped in an elevator with us, and as the cables snap and we plummet to our respective dooms, we serenade you with a few of our rich and emotionally complex art-pop ditties; to ease your passing. In the next life (which is this one), you book us for a performance, as a kind of thank you.

It really could be that simple. It rarely is, though, and that's why we've included the below sections in the more 'traditional' style. Which we're going to pretend was written by our handsomely-paid 'publicist', and not just by us in the third person.


PETER CAT are an art-pop band from Scotland, singing tall

tales of weirdo woe with a silver lining shimmering above it

all. They were formed by lead vocalist & arranger Graham Neil

Gillespie, and have performed live with an evolving line-up 

based first in London, and now in Glasgow. Peter Cat channel

the perennial upstarts and outsiders of indie pop: the ones

who weren't supposed to make it, but did – think Sparks,

Pulp, The Divine Comedy, The Associates, and John Grant.


Their music is stylistically restless and perpetually curious,

slinking between chords, keys and genre in search of the most

offbeat hooksThey've been touted as one to watch in the

music pages of national newspaper The Scotsman, who praised

their "intriguing blend of up-beat, art-school, glam-rock pop

songs with catchy choruses and a fun sense of humour."

They've also been lauded by The Morning Star ("reminiscent of

early Scott Walker"), indie music blogger Nialler9 ("insanely

good melody and excellent songcraft"), and scores of others.


Peter Cat's early singles, 'Hand Through Hair' and

'Disappointing Lover', were recorded at Glasgow's Green

Door Studios and produced by Chris McCrory of Scottish guitar heroes Catholic Action. Their debut LP The Saccharine Underground, also produced by McCrory, will be released on vinyl in late April through MoFidelity

Records. Previous releases include a collection of home recordings entitled plays well with others, released on cassette in 2019 by boutique tape label Ice Cream For Crow Records, and the single 'I Don't Want To Come Back To You', recorded and released in conjunction with music students from the University of Edinburgh.





TOURS (2019)


Peter Cat have performed live in their current incarnation since the beginning of 2019. The lineup is assembled from seasoned musicians from the Glasgow scene, with BETH BLACK (Slowlight) on bass, KEVIN FREW (Halfrican) on drums, and LANE GOLDMAN (cop graveyard) on guitar and synthesizer. They have supported artists such as Aussie indie-rock darlings The Goon Sax, David Lynch collaborator Daniel Knox, and Scottish post-rockers wojtek the bear.

Peter Cat live reel

Peter Cat – 'Disappointing Lover' (live at The Hug & Pint, Glasgow)

Peter Cat's recorded output features contributions from current and former members of Glasgow bands, The Cosmic Dead, Catholic Action and RAZA. They have performed live at festivals such as Doune The Rabbit Hole and Standon Calling, and have toured across Southern Italy and Germany.


"...an intriguing blend of upbeat, art-school, glam-rock pop songs with catchy choruses and a fun sense of humour" – THE SCOTSMAN ('Artist of the Week')

"...insanely good melody and excellent songcraft...stuck in my head for hours" – NIALLER9 (Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Longlist)

"...a jaunty, light-hearted trip through the familiarly twinned emotions of admiration and envy...sung at such a speed and with hardly a pause for breath that's reminiscent of early Scott Walker" – THE MORNING STAR

"Here is a purveyor of rare tunes and off-kilter pop songs in the style of The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon which captivate and entertain in equal measure" – CUMBERLAND & WESTMORLAND HERALD


"...irreverant and smart pop music in the mold of Neil Hannon, Jarvis Cocker, Luke Haines, and with a sprinkling of Scott Walker...[Peter Cat] casts a wry eye over the world, and is moved to make music to match" – SCOTS WHAY HAE!

"...an alluring melange of Momus, The Callstore, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand and some other alchemy which somehow makes it sound very now" – IS THIS MUSIC?

"...an infectious mix of indie pop rock, cabaret, glam, and art school...the vibe is upbeat and fun, and the listener may have the feeling they are experiencing a musical stage show as Peter Cat slips from one style to another, like different costumes for each scene" – WHEN YOU MOTOR AWAY

"...catchy, bizarro indie-pop with a flash of glam and a wry, observant lyricism that'll have fans of Sparks, Talking Heads and Franz Ferdinand clambering over one another in excitement" – NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

"...exemplifying what pop music should be; familiar terrain to welcome the listener, complete with provoking an impulse to dance!" – RADIO FREE LIGHTNING BUG (review of 'Hand Through Hair')

"...a distant cousin of XTC's 'Making Plans For Nigel'...but also has that sense of fun and hooks that served The Coral so well" – SPECTRAL NIGHTS (review of 'Keeping Up With Jacob')